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Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

First, you should know that i'm not here to waste my time or yours. I am a very busy person with an actual real full time Amazon business with a staff, office and everything else. I'm cool with sharing my thoughts and helping you out, but all I ask in return is the respect for my time, and to keep the information I share with you private. I have accumulated lots of knowledge over the years, and I don't just share it with anyone. I'm here to help potential Amazon sellers know the truth about running a successful Amazon business.

With so much crap out there, so many courses, gurus, expert, software etc.. I'm stunned, and quite frankly saddened at what's happened to the Amazon seller community. So, here's the deal. Ask me anything, about anything pertaining to selling on Amazon. I'll do my best to answer and give you the truth. I run a very successful Amazon business, have tried all the bloody software out there, know who all the 'gurus' and 'teachers' are, and can promise you that I will answer your question 100% truthfully. You can expect a candid, straight forward and fresh perspective.

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That's a snapshot of my sales, taken just a few days ago. I've been selling on Amazon since 2014, and online since 1999. I don't know everything, but I can tell you without a doubt, I know more than 99% of whats out there. Fill in your name and email address below and ask me your question...whatever is on your mind about starting or running an Amazon business. I'll answer every question I get and send you the recording. You can expect to hear the truth.


Example Questions;

Can you really launch an Amazon business with little money?

Have you tried (insert software here), Does it work?

What do you think of (insert GURU/Expert here)?

Have you taken (insert name of Amazon course here)?

Isn't there way too much competition on Amazon these days?

Can you really rank any keyword to get to page 1?

Ask me anything!

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