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6 Critical Calculators For Your Amazon or Shopify Business

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Here's What You'll Receive:

Amazon Profit Calculator

This is the most used calculator for Amazon sellers. It allows you to plug in all of your numbers such as your sale price, cost per unit and all of Amazon's fees, and gives you your net profit and net profit percentage.

Amazon Fulfilment Profit Calculator

Critical if you are using Amazon's fulfillment services via your Shopify store, or any other platform. This calculator allows you to determine your profit per order for your off-Amazon sales. We use this daily.

Products Cost Calculator

A simple calculator used heavily during the sourcing process. It calculates your total production and shipping costs to give you a total cost per unit.

Percentage Calculator

Critical to determine your profit margins and sale percentages. One of our most used calculators for so many different things.

Production Cost

Simple calculator to determine total production costs for your product. Quick and easy to use, often useful when you have various suppliers and services (such as labeling) for the same product.

Currency Converter

Up to the minute updated currency converter. A must if you're dealing with foreign currency, importing from overseas or selling around the world.

A must have for anyone using selling on Amazon. 100% FREE.

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We were so tired of manually calculating all the various scenarios we would encounter every day...this tool has greatly simplified our lives. We use these calculators everyday.

Eric M.