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I Burned My Resume 6 Years Ago. So Can You.


I'm a Full Time Entrepreneur

This means I try to find ways to earn a living without having to work for anyone. It’s not easy but it bloody beats the alternative. A big part of my life is selling products online. On this site, I share with you what I do and how I do it...and I try hard to protect you from the utter crap that's out there. Making money online is not easy, let's start there. It's tough but the rewards are insanely worth it. Get ready to work.

7 Million in Sales on Amazon

If You're Not on Amazon, You Should Be

The single greatest online opportunity I've ever seen, period. I started selling online in 1999,  doing virtually everything you can imagine. From the early days of eBay to my long journey with affiliate marketing, and my many years with drop shipping...nothing has come close to Amazon. My first sale on Amazon was in 2011. I took it seriously in 2014 and hit 7+ million in sales this year. I'll show you what I do and answer any of your questions. I'm here to help.

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Shopify Stores, Ebay, Walmart

Amazon is the biggest marketplace by far, but it's not the only player in town. Spreading yourself across various other marketplaces is the smart thing to do. In an effort to diversify, I sell on multiple platforms and run several online stores, using Shopify. This requires an entire set of skills, from advertising, content marketing and social media. I'll show what I do and how I do it. 

Meet Me Inside, I'm Here To Help

The main reasons i've decided to create this site, is through my own frustrations with seeing the total BS out there. Every day I get inundated with 'junk' on how to make money online, how easy it is, latest tricks and loopholes on how to make a quick buck etc.. All from people that have NEVER done it before. Don't believe what you read, don't. I've lived through it and after years of failing, I finally managed to make it work. And it wasn't through the crap that anyone has thought me. This site is completely free, 100%. You can expect a ton of amazing advice, especially on Amazon. Enter your best email and I'll see you on the inside.